Available courses

For 4WD Solar Robot Car Chassis, the .stl file is transferred 
to the free cura package program (required for 3D printing). 
You can access the solid model ready version from the project 
website https://learndigisteam.com/.


Required components/what do we need

- Lego Mindstorms EV3 Edu 45544 Core Set
- Notebook or Smartphone
- Internet access
- Scratch Link installation 

A robotic arm can be used in a wide range of applications
across various industries due to their precision, flexibility,
and efficiency. Some common uses of robotic arms include
manufacturing and assembly, surgery, material handling,
packaging, the food industry, space exploration,
construction, and education, to name a few... 
These applications showcase the versatility of robotic arms
and their ability to perform tasks in a myriad of different
If you try to make it yourself, in addition to gaining more
experience in fabricating arms, it will cost you about 100€.